Providing Quality Services to Quality Service Providers

Vision and Mission

Oozoa’s Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the world leader in assisting fertility centres to achieve excellence in assisted reproductive technologies.
We will lead the way in raising the benchmarks and standards of care, effectively changing the way ART centres run their practices; enabling them to systematically achieve success at all levels.


Our Mission

WHO WE ARE: We are problem solvers and change agents who specialize in the field of ART.

WHAT WE DO: Oozoa provides customized solutions to help fertility centres achieve the best possible results and earn the status of world leader in the field of ART.

HOW WE DO IT: Our methodologies and processes are all based on the principles of Total Quality management (TQM).

WHY WE DO IT: So that patients who need reproductive assistance can receive the highest level of care and the best chances of success without needing to face the challenges of a multiple birth.


Our Guiding Principles

Ethical practice is our foundation: If it’s not ethical then we don’t do it.

Remain Open, Inquisitive and Committed to Learning: Maintaining our sense of curiosity and commitment to learning allows us to improve the lives of those who require our service and provides us access to achieving our wildest dreams.

Encourage Growth in Others: Through exemplary leadership and acting as mentors we inspire others to grow benefitting our community, industry and the world.

Apply a Disciplined and Precise Approach: Our science requires an exactness to achieve results – by being disciplined in our actions and applying a structured approach we open the door to achieving the impossible.

Lead with Compassion: The work we do is sensitive in nature so we apply empathy, understanding, thoughtfulness and care.

Bring Your Enthusiasm: Perseverance and success come quicker when we tap into our joy and passion for what we do – we also require a sense of humour and the ability to have some fun.