Providing Quality Services to Quality Service Providers


Oozoa Biomedical provides services that cover a very wide range of scientific and administrative activities related to human reproductive biomedicine as well as artificial breeding of domesticated species.  Primary areas of activity include:

  • Development and maintenance of successful assisted conception facilities and services (ART centres and cryobanks).
  • Development and operation of diagnostic andrology laboratories to the highest international standards.
  • Quality management in diagnostic andrology laboratories and human assisted conception centres.
  • Development, evaluation and validation of products intended for use in many areas of assisted reproduction technology.

We specialize in providing services fully tailored to each client’s needs. Please contact us to discuss in strictest confidence your project, your particular needs and develop a customized plan. The general types of services offered include:

Designs for infertility clinics, ART units, andrology labs, embryology labs and cryobanks.  A comprehensive Facility Design Questionnaire is available to clients as a planning tool to facilitate this process. We can provide:

  • analysis of facility scale and scope, capacities and adjacencies;
  • development and evaluation of alternative layout concepts;
  • preparation of draft drawings and specifications, comprising renovation or construction plans as well as details of electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning services, for use by the client’s architect;
  • consideration of ergonomics, staff and patient movement, and material flow within the design process; and
  • determination of the equipment and staffing levels required for the planned services.

Laboratory staff training, with an emphasis on technical knowledge and competency, quality control and quality assurance programmes.

Implementation of Total Quality Management programmes for the integrated assisted conception centre.

Risk assessments of all scales, from individual laboratories to networks of ART centres. This can include systems optimization and “trouble-proofing” of processes using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

Troubleshooting, with an emphasis on long-term solutions, and problem prevention through the development of ongoing quality control and quality assurance programmes.

Product development for reproductive biomedicine, including assistance in the evaluation of product ideas, technical specification and design, as well as ongoing advice during the development and launch phases: from media to small devices and capital equipment.

“Turnkey” setups, involving the provision of all information required to construct and/or implement a new assisted conception laboratory. This  includes comprehensive equipment lists along with recommendations for particular items of equipment as well as suggested suppliers and/or investigation of local suppliers, laboratory designs and draft procedure manuals.

Providing the framework for accreditation-level laboratory manuals and/or helping laboratories and clinics prepare such manuals from pre-existing documents and other information.

Preparation of operating and start-up budgets as well as cashflow models for entire assisted conception units or standalone service laboratories. A comprehensive Financial Planning Questionnaire is available to clients as a planning tool to facilitate this process.

Accreditation preparedness surveys of assisted conception programmes (not in the USA).

NOTE: Oozoa Biomedical does not buy or sell equipment or other materials for clients. Any recommendations we make are solely based on items we consider to be ideally suited and fit-for-purpose, not on a commission basis. When attending on-site, our staff will not transport goods being imported by the client.