Providing Quality Services to Quality Service Providers

What Makes Us Different


We wrote the book onTQM in ART labs and we guarantee results. As thought leaders in our industry, we bring an unprecedented depth of experience in academic research, clinical practice and consulting expertise to our client engagements. We have a proven record of success in maximizing the human potential of ART lab teams. Oozoa provides a customized approach and offers the skills, tools and perspectives needed to enable each team member to succeed in their role, strengthening the greater whole. This enables clinics to achieve outstanding results, provide better service to their clients and increase their profit margins.

Oozoa’s Value Propositions

Doctors David & Sharon Mortimer are highly regarded thought leaders and wrote the industry “bible” for quality and risk management in the IVF laboratory.

Oozoa’s principles have an unprecedented depth of knowledge and success in their field – more than 80 years of combined experience.

Oozoa is able to provide flexible, customized solutions to help improve results for ART facilities, as well as, equipment manufactures and suppliers.

Oozoa’s methodologies guarantee significantly improved results – rapid ROI.

The Oozoa team recognizes and honours the element of human emotion and the importance it plays in improving results of ART.