Providing Quality Services to Quality Service Providers

Why We Do What We Do

“People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Our “Why” is the reason we show up to make a difference and tackle each day with vigour and passion. This driving sense of purpose inspires everything we do and every decision we make, and allows us to inspire action in others.

Our “WHY”

To ensure that singleton pregnancies become standard practice and the accepted norm in the field of ART throughout the world.

We believe that everyone who wants a baby, and needs medically assisted methods to fulfill their dream, should be able to access the same high level of care anywhere in the world.

“HOW” We Succeed

As change agents and renowned, global experts in the field of fertility, we leverage our experience to benefit everyone in the ART process. We work with clinics, labs, manufacturers, suppliers and support groups. As consultants, we work with ART teams teams to construct the ideal environment and provide the highest standards of ethical practice to foster success.

We view success as being holistic so that everyone in the process can achieve their goals:

• Physicians can build a successful practice.

• Clinical teams are inspired, happy and confident and as a result are driven to provide outstanding service and care for their patients.

• Manufacturers can build equipment that is better able to support gametes and embryos.

• Patients can have a baby, or if unsuccessful, they have been supported through the process by their fertility team to understand and accept that there is nothing further that can be done, allowing them to live the principle of “future non-regret”.

“WHAT” We Do

Oozoa works with fertility centres to create solutions that allow them to achieve the best possible results and earn world class status in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

As experienced consultants, we are able to meet our clients at their level and provide services in advising, designing, organizing and implementing systems. Whether working with an existing clinic or building a new clinic, we train our clients in Oozoa’s proven methodologies and systems to ensure they are setup to achieve success – success that many believe isn’t possible.